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QUEEN BAYARD live at the Whiskey Jar

A debut performance of Queen Bayard in Manchester, England.
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'Far Away' - Tiny Desk Contest 2017

Bay's entry received recognition by the NPR team this year! Check it out!

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literally out of your mind and i'm at peace with it.

Warm & Alive (The Pirate Ballade)

Available on Bandcamp and other stores as of April 21, 2017.
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singer // songwriter // storyteller

Born in the Mountains (CO) / Broken-and-Built in Manhattan (NYC) / Based in Manchester (UK)

From writing/performing his own music, to touring his most recent solo-show Growing into My Beard, to composing music for the award-winning animation The Walker (by Heather Collins; Produced by Matt Groening), Bay's ultimate passion lies in story --He wants to tell the exceptional ones, and he wants to tell them well...



The year was 1989 and the month, September. A ginger was born unto this world. The last of four and the only boy (kind of) with three brilliant older sisters to look up to and two artistically-minded doctors for parents. (cue evocative underscore)

Music was always present in the Bryan household and immediately became a love affair that would prove to burn strong. As a young and theatrically-inclined ginger Bay sang non-stop, twirled incessantly and began to write emotionally charged ballades (probably a way of coping with his journey toward queer liberty). His classical training in both piano and guitar gifted him with the harmonies of Tchaikovsky & Debussy and offered him a solid foundation in the spanish finger-picking style (that's a thing right?); The combination of this musical education and a DEEP obsession with voices like Lauryn Hill & Michael Jackson inspired his own music which has been described as a mix between folk/soul/theatrical-pop.

At the age of 19 a twist of fate would land him in Glasgow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) where he went on to complete a BA in Musical Theater. He actually has Beyonce to thank for this but that's another story... He fell madly in love with Scotland and by the end of his training he was eagerly looking forward to joining his peers in the UK. Well, the Universe had other plans. After graduation, due to an abrupt change in immigration laws, Bay would have no choice but to head back home to the USA.

Shortly after returning to the states he made the cliché move to New York City to pursue his dreams --dreams that were... To Be Determined (TBD) --Yup, like so many others in the Big Apple he didn't really know what he was doing there --side note, this story is far more interesting if you imagine Liza Minnelli telling it so DO THAT from now on (end side note). The struggle was real. For a long period of time it felt like Bay was straddling musical-theatre-land and singer/songwriter-world with no clear direction and all the conflicted feels. HOWEVER the Gods grew weary of this yawn fest and offered him clarity. Finally, for this story and his own sake, Bay was able to find the point of intersection that he was looking for (stakes, such high stakes). In 2015 he wrote his first solo show (Growing Into My Beard) which combines original music, storytelling and farcical movement. He has gone on to produce said 'Beard' piece in NYC, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Boulder (CO) and Leeds (UK).

Although Bay continues to write and release his own music independently (current music projects: Varied Shapes & Sharp Angles and #BayardMusic) he is currently writing a new solo show called #gingerprivilege.

PS, Bay RECENTLY received a visa to live in the UK with his husband and is now currently based in Manchester! HOWEVER you may very well find him drifting into YOUR town someday working in music, theater, film/tv & social justice. He is often wearing heels because... No explanation required.

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...Featured News via Bay's Blog A GINGER'S JOURNEY...

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A stop motion film about a little old lady who discovers a way to cope with the quick-paced world around her., Direction, Story, Animation, Puppets, Sets and Sound Design by Heather Collins Music by Bay Bryan Orchestration by Jamie Thierman Music Recorded by Eric Passarge Musicians: Erik Hughes, Will Vargas Advisor/Mentor: Mike Johnson Made at UCLA Animation Workshop ©Heather Collins, 2015

Bay and Sarah Swire combine forces to create a song called "Gillighan is Dead..." This randomness was part of a ONE IMPROV A DAY CHALLENGE: The good, the bad and the ugly...

A promo for Bay's solo show, 'Growing Into My Beard,' which is currently planning a 2019 US, UK & European tour! If you are a venue and you are interested in booking GIMB, get in contact! ///

The "Marade" in Denver, CO... 

playing Andy Warhol at 3LD
performing at Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres: Colors