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If you are here, perhaps you are interested in where GROWING INTO MY BEARD has been before now (whatever now is to you that is). As you scroll through this blog post you will find a few pictures from each past production as well as a few words to describe how each location/performance meant something a bit different to the show and to me personally! Enjoy :)


ABode Brasserie (Manchester)
- 30th May 2018-

ABode Brasserie is a restaurant space located downstairs at the ABode Hotel in city centre Manchester. LOVE transforming unconventional spaces into places to play!

ABode Brasserie is a restaurant space located downstairs at the ABode Hotel in city centre Manchester. LOVE transforming unconventional spaces into places to play!

As of October 2018 I officially became a resident of Manchester, England. As I currently write this I'm sitting in my favourite coffee shop in Chorlton. It was very special to be able to perform the show in Manchester because this city represents something very important within my life and within the show: A completed climb up a symbolic canyon of life, and a new climb ahead --A new chapter essentially. 

I love transforming spaces into places I can play and this restaurant was particularly very fun to transform; I particularly loved climbing all over the bar, asking people to light me with their phone flashlights and strutting the centre floor in my heels! 

Up until now Manchester has been primarily my place where people know me more as a singer/songwriter --it was wonderful to perform for my musician friends in a way that they hadn't seen me before! 

Bottom line: I love Manchester. Can't wait to bring the show back!

Interplay Theatre
- 15/16 March 2018 -

This version of my Beard represents the start of a new chapter in my life. An official expat of the USA now, I am living with my husband in Manchester and beginning to plant roots as a performance artist and yoga teacher. 

I loved being able to come back to Interplay, the stage where I proposed to my now husband just over a year earlier, and to work with the amazing Claire Marie Seddon again!

In this version I felt like we were able to incorporate elements of audience engagement/interaction that, in my opinion, gives the story a stronger purpose or "reason for being."

Photo taken before the show at Interplay Theatre March 15th, 2018. 

Photo taken before the show at Interplay Theatre March 15th, 2018. 

Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place
- 7 July 2017 - 

Needing to leave your hometown in order to be "free" and to "come out" is something that a lot of queer individuals feel they have to do --I did FOR SURE! And it worked for me.

Equally as important, I have found that going back home as my "liberated" self to be a challenging, vital and healing process.

Performing my show in Colorado was a part of this process for me. It was a truly surreal and special moment to have family and childhood friends in the audience (and my little niece and nephew!). 

A full circle moment performing in my home state of Colorado! 

A full circle moment performing in my home state of Colorado! 

Interplay Theatre
- 8 Dec 2016 -

It was the end of 2016 and I had been visiting Manchester for 3 months. My boyfriend and I had been long distance for four years at this point and we had reached a point in our relationship where a decision needed to be made.

Literally on the last night of my trip I performed this version of my Beard and at the end of the show I brought him on stage and proposed to him. The trajectory of my life changed in an instant!

This was a particularly special version of G.I.M.B when I proposed to my now husband as part of the story! #hardtotop #accidentalinnuendo

This was a particularly special version of G.I.M.B when I proposed to my now husband as part of the story! #hardtotop #accidentalinnuendo

The Tank NYC
- 8 July 2016 -

photo with amazing human and director  Artem Yatsunov !

photo with amazing human and director Artem Yatsunov!

This was a special set of performances for me because it was the first time that I had written a relatively solid script. Previous to this it was a bit of a combination of structure and winging it.

For myself and ESPECIALLY my wonderful director Artem this took my Beard to another level and gave us the chance to utilise the rehearsal process more effectively! And we were able to do it for three consecutive nights so that gave us three different audiences to play off of. LOVED THIS FESTIVAL :)

Jack Space BKLN NY
- 28, 29 & 30 Jan 2016 -

Philly Fringe Festival
11 Performances. 4 Venues. 3 Neighbourhoods.
- September 2015 - 

Philly Fringe was amazing, hilarious and altogether a wild ride. With Artem, we performed my Beard 11 times in 4 different venues throughout the city giving us this almost tour vibe within the festival. 

The venues were all very different: A gay bar, a dance space, an echoey upstairs hall with a grand piano, and the furniture section of the Philly AIDS thrift store. Tailoring the story to each environment was a challenge in and of itself --we learned a lot and we had a great time with it! 

Minnesota Fringe Festival
The Huge Theater
- August 2015 -

OMG, this Festival was everything. The good, the bad and the awkward.

With Artem as Director and producer, we hopped in his car and from Brooklyn to Minneapolis we drove! On our way we stopped in Chicago where I proceeded to roll my ankle very badly outside of a frozen yogurt joint. LONG story short: I'm a dumbass.

The whole festival I was on crutches and performed my Beard with a cute little limp. This gave me the insight to not be such a dumbass in the future AND to not rely on my tendency toward physical comedy.

It was here at Minnesota fringe that I had to take a REAL look at my script (the non existent one) and start to put the pen to page. 

Every show was a bit different. I was adding and subtracting things all over the place. Poor Artem took it like a champion and in the end the festival was pretty dang successful and we both learned A LOT.

Under St. Marks Theatre
- May 2015 -

THE FIRST EVER VERSION of my Beard. It was... a show. It had heart dammit but it was pretty random I'm not going to lie. 

It had been a long time dream of mine to put on a solo show so the fact that I put it on at all made it a success. If I could distill the writing process down to a movie montage you would see that the STRUGGLE WAS REAL and that the only evil force at work was my own self doubt.

If I hadn't had Artem as the natural cheerleader he is, I'm not sure if I could have overcame some of those dark moments.

First Performance of G.I.M.B at Under St. Marks Theater (East Village, NYC) So proud of this moment. #blessed #kidding #notkidding

First Performance of G.I.M.B at Under St. Marks Theater (East Village, NYC)
So proud of this moment. #blessed #kidding #notkidding


'COLORS' at Bushwhick Starr April 2016

'COLORS' at Bushwhick Starr April 2016

Singing with a band & performing an original spoken-word piece as well as my own music / A quick look back at the Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres: COLORS event at Bushwhick Starr APRIL 2016... photo by @Radio_Silence

April Overview

A quick post to update you on what's happening in April

After Brunch Pajama Party 2016

Sunday, April 17th, from 5:30pm to Midnight, join me in an annual event at the Paper Box in Brooklyn called the After Brunch Pajama Party! Besides the eclectic line-up of music (myself included), there is a bar for your drinking needs, cupcakes to satisfy that sweet tooth, board games to be played, and pajamas to be worn. Tix are $15 online, $20 at the door, with a portion of the sales going to a few incredible charities :)

After having been a part of the After Brunch Pajama Party in 2014, I'm excited to join in the fun once again!

APBP 2016
5:30PM, $15 (online)/$20 (door) 
17 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Picture taken at the After Brunch Pajama Party in 2014! Yes, my pajamas include heels :P

Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres: COLORS

April 29th & 30th, 8pm, Brooklyn Gypsies' presents it's 6th consecutive rendition of Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres; The theme, this year, is COLORS and the event will be happening at The Bushick Starr!

I am very excited to perform an completely brand new original piece combining spoken word, movement, and song! If you saw my show Growing Into My Beard at Jack in January, then I think you will definitely dig it! See you there :) 

"Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres is a poetic theatrical performance in which rappers and poets break down borders to collaboratively create an ode to Brooklyn’s gritty streets. In a city that is home to more artists in the US than any other, Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres sparks dialogues on complex issues of immigration, economics and survival through the richness of art, poetry and music. Enjoy free Hors d’oeuvres and bear witness as an eclectic group of Brooklyn artists..." -

Music on iTunes, BandCamp, and more!

As of April 1st, you can now purchase my songs "Hold Your Worries High" & "Superfood Smoothie" on both iTunes & BandCamp, with a song called "Golden" that is coming out on Friday April 8th as well! Check them out today :)

FIY, BandCamp is a bit more Indie Artist friendly: I, the artist, get a bigger cut of your purchase than I do through iTunes or anywhere else, and you, the fan, actually have the option of paying more for the song, leaving me a comment/message saying 'I LOVE THIS SONG! I can't wait for your next one to come out!' AND you get a higher quality file, as well as a richer understanding of the context of the recording and the people/story behind it! Of course you can go with iTunes, especially if it's easier for you, NO WORRIES! Just wanted to give you a heads up xoxo

SO, that's about it for now! Please feel free to leave a comment, or ask any hard-hitting questions that you wish to! You can also subscribe to this blog as well, so don't be shy! 

All the LOVE, 
Bay xoxo

Hold Your Worries High...

Last night, I got a text from my wonderful writer friend Brandon (@brandonmonokian) asking if I would be okay with him using one of my songs in a short film he and his friends had made (scroll to bottom for link)... I asked which one, and he said, "Hold Your Worries High."

Then, and there, I decided that I was going to make the song available to anyone who loved it from watching the film, so I proceeded to get on my computer and create some album art... This for me is a process --I get really intense, and re-work it over and over and over again, but I did come out on top, and without further ado...

I GIVE YOU, "Hold Your Worries High," now up on BandCamp, and should be on iTunes within the next couple weeks! *side note* BandCamp is slightly better for Indie Artists like me, especially because you the patron have the option of paying more for a song/album if you want, which establishes a really close relationship with buyers/creators! *end side note*

Lastly I wanted to share with you that this song is actually very special to me; Fraser Langton (clarinet, co-arrangement) plays with me on this recording, as well as my own sister Reyna adding her voice right at the very end... It was a magical midnight at The Crucible Recording Studio just outside Boulder, Colorado, and we weren't actually planning on recording --we were just there lightly partying at Andy McEwen's (owner at Crucible). At one point, in the evening, we got inspired to go into the studio and make some memories... #goodtimes #hightimes

Much Love,
 Bay xoxo