Intro: Queen Bayard


An Introduction of sorts…

\\\(*LAST POST UPDATE: 15th January 2019*)///
So you’ve arrived at this blog post, maybe for the first time or perhaps back again to see what’s new; That’s the nature of this page —an intermittent update on what Queen Bayard has been up to! Welcome!

ANSWER: I’m not 100% sure to be honest and I LOVE THAT! I’m still getting to know her/them as well! At the moment this Queen loves singing, dancing, being sassy, spreading love and entertaining the masses —there’s a force to be reckoned with residing in this young queen who, still new to the game, is finding her/their bearings! To get to know Queen Bayard best would be to catch her/them LIVE IRL —When is the next date/venue? Find out via the Queen Bayard FaceBook Page and/or Instagram @queenbayard. Otherwise, for now, please feel free to scroll and peruse the content below… the belt (stupid joke)

QUICK NOTE — a wee heads up on how this blog post works: Queen Bayard is a WERKING SQUIRREL so new updates are added along the way. As you scroll you will see her/their journey from MOST RECENT GIG to going backwards in time. Enjoy…!



JANUARY 2nd, 2019: To ring in the New Year Queen Bayard returned back to Golden Moon Speakeasy in her cozy Colorado hometown of Golden. Here are a few wee snapshots of the evening :)

It was an evening of family, friends and ALL THE VIBES! Special thanks to Kendall Perry for gifting us with their percussive powers (#bayardandtheperry 🙃) and Thank You Golden Moon for having Queen Bayard back for yet another magical night!

The Whiskey Jar 5th Anniversary Special!

NOVEMBER 2018 - This fabulous evening at The Whiskey Jar was a pure celebration of 5 YEARS that Joe Bagpipes McAdams has been hosting this iconic Open Mic nestled in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It was an honour to be a part of this line-up for the night which included dope artists like Camilla Sky, Alina Ly, Ben Fenner and more! You can catch the live stream of the performance on Facebook via FRONT ROW MANCHESTER.

A night of Music and Malarkey at Corks Out (Timperley)

OCTOBER 2018- THIS EVENING WAS EVERYTHING. Corks Out, a Wine Bar in Timperley of all places, booked our darling Queen Bayard for an evening; She provided a delicate balance of engaging entertaint-ment and chilled-out background ambience; She may have even lip-synched a few numbers and performed the ‘Single Ladies’ Choreography. You had to be there to witness the party, and it WAS A PARTY. <3

A FABULOUS DAY at StockPort Pride!

JULY 2018 - UGH, The love on this day was beautiful. The day started out, for lack of a better word, BRITISH (rainy and a bit grim), BUT as soon as the festivities began the sky opened up and the sunshine shone down upon us —COME THROUGH SUN!

Queen Bayard played a set for the StockPort Pride People and got to dance with these gorgeous OUT-AND-PROUD souls, all standing for LOVE, ACCEPTANCE AND DIVERSITY! She hopes to come back next year and to perform at MANY MORE PRIDE FESTIVALS! … but seriously you can book her; DM her on INSTAGRAM @queenbayard

Golden Moon Speakeasy in Golden, CO USA

JANUARY 2018 - The few pictures above are a mere snapshot of the evening back in my home town with family and friends, making music with the wonderful Kendall Perry —check out their MUSIC HERE!

This gig has become a bit of an annual tradition for me (well Queen Bayard). Golden, CO is my home town and when I’m there for the holidays I just LOVE to turn a wee party. Golden Moon Speakeasy loves me and I love them —so it’s a natural fit.


*Post UPDATE: Words from 22nd December, 2017
Who is Queen Bayard and where has she been all my life??? the answer to that question is of course simple: She is a fresh musical diva and she lives to entertain, inspire and spread love unto the world.

Check out a live performance of Queen Bayard at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester, England on December 19th, 2017!

You can follow her via the hashtag #QueenBayard on instagram. Go ahead, don't be shy! <3

There's a new cat in town and their name? Bayard.

FIRST-EVER iteration of BAYARD at Golden Moon Speakeasy in Golden, CO /// 4.20.2017 ///

FIRST-EVER iteration of BAYARD at Golden Moon Speakeasy in Golden, CO /// 4.20.2017 ///

For the past three years I've denied myself the action of bringing this character to life --not entirely sure why. Instead I've been sitting with this image of them in my mind, merely daydreaming of what they might look like, sound like, etc --WELL...

I'm done with daydreaming. now is the time to bring visions to life...

So if you will kindly join me, let us raise a glass and toast to making daydreams reality... Let BAYARD's voice fly, unbound & euphoric, over a sonic troupe of dope-ass musicians all plunking & polluting the air with delicious sounds of soul, funk & utmost freshness. This is my vision of BAYARD --one that will become a reality... CHEERS!


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