Meadow & Roller Coaster

Hello and welcome! This month alone I have released TWO NEW SONGS on BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon, and all the rest --I really hope you enjoy them! 

Feel free to take a listen via these soundcloud box things (proper term?) below, and if you enjoy them you can do one (or all) of many things: You can share them: with a friend or on social media; you can check out when my next show and come along; AND lastly, you could buy it (and if you are so inspired, you can leave a review and 5* rating ;) ... If none of those things are what you do, thank you for dropping by and giving my music a listen! xoxo 

First here is, "Meadow," a little ditty that takes us to a fantasy space where lovers meet and wish to return... This specific recording was done with Mineral Sound and Ryan Post (Djembe) at Wind Over the Earth Studio in Longmont, CO (2016)...

And then there's 'Roller Coaster,' a song I actually recorded in 2011 in Mannheim, Germany at the Popakademie with my very short-term band 'Chicago Yoda' ! Really wanted to share this with you!

Have a wonderful weekend (or whatever is coming up haha) and let me know what you think about the songs!

All the love,
Bay xoxo