**Update August 4th 2016** DIRECTLY below is a recap/promo video for the show! Want the show to come to your venue, or even your living room? We are currently looking to nail down venues for our 2017 US, UK, & European tours! contact

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July 8th, 9pm, $10 @ The Tank NYC

She's back! Growing into My Beard will be at The Tank July 8th, 9pm, and TIX are only $10! Part of the Tank's Proud AF Solo Festival 2016, it is a one-night-only affair for GIMB and a fairly small theater at that so please book early --I would hate for you to miss out on seeing my show. There are 5 other solo shows involved in this festival, so please take a look at the other ones as well --I'm looking forward to seeing them too! I'm very proud of this piece and I CAN'T WAIT to share it with you!

'Growing Into My Beard' to play at The Tank in JULY 2016!

'Growing Into My Beard' to play at The Tank in JULY 2016!

WHAT IN THE HELL IS Growing into My Beard? Well here's my show blurb to help you out. Pardon the abrupt switch to 3rd person --just go with it ;P

Singer/Songwriter Bay Bryan shares with us his own quirky, fun and heartfelt first-love story! By seamlessly drifting between his original songs, and unique style of storytelling (often complimented by a wee bit of farcical movement and self-aware comedy), a queerly familiar tale unfolds... 

"Bryan’s performance is open and vulnerable. His storytelling transports us to an uncomfortable and confusing time in a queer person’s life, while his authenticity creates a warm safe place that resonates with any personal experience of “queer” and fosters a strong sense of community between performer and audience..."

Most recently Growing into My Beard played at the One Catches Light Festival at Jack in BKLN, having previously been to the Philly Fringe & Minnesota Fringe Festivals, as well as the Queerly Festival in the East Village, NYC...

INFO ON THE FESTIVAL as stated on the Tank's Website!

Over the course of two weeks, The Tank is opening the floor to a wide variety of performances and discussions surrounding the topics of gender, sexuality and equality. The works presented will evoke and give way to new ideas and perceptions on how we define ourselves, within our own community and in the global community at large. Whether through unity or discordance, this work will shed light on the rich, dynamic individuals and groups who make up the vibrant LGBTQIA community.
PrideFest runs from July 7-10 & July 14-17
Featuring incredible new work from C Bain, Samantha Kaseta, Ellie Sachs & Emma Horwitz, LezCab, Kev Berry, Marc Andrew Nunez and a host of amazing dance artists, and no less than 6 storytellers as part of the Proud AF Solo Festival!
PrideFest will also include a Sunday Brunch Dish Session on July 10 & 17- a panel discussion hosted by Honest Accomplice and an open forum on the joys and challenges of creating queer identifying art. Coffee will be provided!

HOPE to see you there! have a great day, evening, jam-sesh, whatever-the-hell you are doing, JUST HAVE it GREAT!

Lots of love,