#AmazonMusical -- A Webseries for the ages...

Amazon Product Reviews Set to Music is a Webseries coming to VIMEO fall of 2016, and guess what, you will see me in it! I am thrilled to be a part of it! this "Maul Face Production" is well on it's way but we do still need some extra help to make it a complete reality! You wanna patronize? there are perks!

If you didn't click that little button above the gallery, then why don't you just click this one below. It will lead you to the extra info that you are desperately seeking ;P

I have a few more fun tidbits of news to share with you, BUT that's for another post soon to come! I hope your spring/summer is panning out beautifully. I'm obsessed with the sun that decided to make it's broadway revival today --NYC was looking grey these past few days.

Lots of love from this ginger. As always, FYI you can subscribe to this blog, or my mailing list to stay on top of upcoming shows & random happenings. Keep a lookout on my iTunes/Bandcamp because I'm releasing recordings regularly! #Lemonade