Central Park, NYC

Dearest reader (that's you),

Welcome to my first post!!! This should serve as some sort of introduction I suppose... Hiya, name's Bay. I'm a performance artist living in NYC. I write songs, I tell stories, I sing, AND I'm an out-and-proud ginger... (full disclosure, this post is cheesy as f&^k. Enjoy.)

So, why am I doing this blog??? Well, Long story short, here I am nearly 4 years out of school, and finally I feel like I'm ready to share myself openly and fully.

I've spent a great deal of time wrestling with my own personal self doubts, fearing that I'm 'not good enough...' In other words, I've been sheltering myself, and for no apparent reason, trying not to 'do me' too loudly --to fit in I guess... Well NO LONGER MY FRIENDS!

2016, is about letting go of these fears and truly embracing the work; Time to start living out all those Ted Talks I've watched from the comfort of my couch, and take bigger and bolder steps (see what I did there?). ONWARD AND UPWARD...! #YAS!

As the Brits say, "WHAT A LOAD OF WANK!" ... Yup, I know ;P But HEY, If you are still reading, your interest is somewhat peaked, am I right?

OKAY! SO, what to expect?

DEFINITELY NOT what you just read, at least very rarely I promise. This is my space to share with you my own personal perspective on life as I know it: from the coffees that I drink (I'm very pretentious about this), to the random photo shoots of random things that catch my eye, to videos of me & friends making songs and enjoying life, or to stream of consciousness that pines for yesteryear (not sure what I meant by that last one, but just go with it)...

Honestly, you might care very little about my life, and what I get up to --that's okay! If that's the case, don't subscribe :)

Bay xoxo

PS, did you miss my submission to NPR's Tiny Desk Contest this year?? \/\/\/\/\/// hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think. YOU CAN COMMENT ON THIS BLOG! <3

my most recent submission to the #TinyDeskContest2016... My song, "Sweet Joan:" a ballad about a sorceress named Evelyn, who must risk her life to save her mortal lover, Joan, from a mysterious and magical illness...