Hold Your Worries High...

Last night, I got a text from my wonderful writer friend Brandon (@brandonmonokian) asking if I would be okay with him using one of my songs in a short film he and his friends had made (scroll to bottom for link)... I asked which one, and he said, "Hold Your Worries High."

Then, and there, I decided that I was going to make the song available to anyone who loved it from watching the film, so I proceeded to get on my computer and create some album art... This for me is a process --I get really intense, and re-work it over and over and over again, but I did come out on top, and without further ado...

I GIVE YOU, "Hold Your Worries High," now up on BandCamp, and should be on iTunes within the next couple weeks! *side note* BandCamp is slightly better for Indie Artists like me, especially because you the patron have the option of paying more for a song/album if you want, which establishes a really close relationship with buyers/creators! *end side note*

Lastly I wanted to share with you that this song is actually very special to me; Fraser Langton (clarinet, co-arrangement) plays with me on this recording, as well as my own sister Reyna adding her voice right at the very end... It was a magical midnight at The Crucible Recording Studio just outside Boulder, Colorado, and we weren't actually planning on recording --we were just there lightly partying at Andy McEwen's (owner at Crucible). At one point, in the evening, we got inspired to go into the studio and make some memories... #goodtimes #hightimes

Much Love,
 Bay xoxo