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'Growing Into My Beard' at Shine, Boulder
A solo show: theatre / music / movement / storytelling / ginger

Growing Into My Beard, a solo show by Bay Bryan
8pm, July 7th, 2017
Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place
2027 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA


'Growing Into My Beard' is one ginger's personal quest to obtain TRUE LOVE --the kind that can ALWAYS be found in the movies starring Drew Barrymore (love you drew)... By way of original songs, dramatically told personal anecdotes and justified farcical movement, Bay weaves together a tale of love that is romantically nostalgic, deeply personal and above all HOPEFUL.
"Bryan's performance is open and vulnerable... and fosters a strong sense of community between performer and audience."


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Warm & Alive (The Pirate Ballade)

Available on Bandcamp and other stores as of April 21, 2017.
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'Far Away' - Tiny Desk Contest 2017

Bay's entry received recognition by the NPR team this year! Check it out!

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singer // songwriter // storyteller

Based in Manhattan (NYC) / Brazen in Manchester (UK) / Born in the Mountains (CO)

From writing/performing his own music, to touring his most recent solo-show Growing into My Beard, to composing music for the award-winning animation The Walker (by Heather Collins; Produced by Matt Groening), Bay's ultimate passion lies in story --He wants to tell the exceptional ones, and he wants to tell them well...



Along with three brilliant older sisters, Bay was born on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to two Docs for parents. As it was not unusual in the family, music became an immediate love affair that would prove to burn strong. Beside his classical training in both piano and guitar, Bay sang in choir and obsessed over voices like Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, Usher, & Celine Dion among many others. His love for romantic composers like Debussy alongside R&B/Soulful singers like Lauryn Hill can be found in his own music which has been described as a mix between folk/soul/theatrical-pop.

The theatricality was always there --even Bay's varsity soccer coach would say how his artistic nature would often get in the way of just putting the ball in the net! 'It doesn't NEED to be beautiful!' And despite not being completely sure what he wanted to do with his life, a twist of fate would land him in Glasgow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) where he went on to complete a BA in Musical Theater. He fell in love with Scotland but unfortunately due to immigration laws changing in 2012, upon graduation, Bay had no other choice but to move back to the states. It was a blessing in disguise however as he has spent the past four years living in NYC learning how to survive and how to be an artist in a city that does not play games... Now you can find him drifting from Colorado to NYC to Manchester (UK) and beyond working in music, theater, film/tv & social justice...

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...Featured News via Bay's Blog A GINGER'S JOURNEY...

original Tunes

Listen on SoundCloud. Buy on iTunes or bandcamp.

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Listen on SoundCloud. Buy on iTunes or bandcamp.


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A stop motion film about a little old lady who discovers a way to cope with the quick-paced world around her., Direction, Story, Animation, Puppets, Sets and Sound Design by Heather Collins Music by Bay Bryan Orchestration by Jamie Thierman Music Recorded by Eric Passarge Musicians: Erik Hughes, Will Vargas Advisor/Mentor: Mike Johnson Made at UCLA Animation Workshop ©Heather Collins, 2015

Bay and Sarah Swire combine forces to create a song called "Gillighan is Dead..." This randomness was part of a ONE IMPROV A DAY CHALLENGE: The good, the bad and the ugly...

A promo for Bay's solo show, 'Growing Into My Beard,' which is currently planning a 2017 US, UK & European tour! If you are a venue and you are interested in booking GIMB, please contact ///

The "Marade" in Denver, CO... 

playing Andy Warhol at 3LD
performing at Ghetto Hors D'oeuvres: Colors